Accessory Case with 2 Personal Pouches - Stone, Grey, Sage, Khaki


These accessory cases with personal pouches provide a handy way to protect and transport your multiple gadgets. It not just keeps things in its proper place, it also serves as a protective feature for these items. This is hand-crocheted with locally sourced, 100% cotton thread.
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Personal Pouch: L 4 x H 4 L 3 x H 3 inches 
  • Accessory Case: L 6 x H 4.25 inches 
The ladies of this particular Gawad Kalinga Community and each of 22 (out of 26 total members) made the hand-crochet personal pouches and accessory cases. Given the hand-made nature, each member would have lent a personal imprint on the product.

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