WYC Wear Your Culture

Alvin Trucker Bomber Jacket


This gray denim jacket is made using three kinds of weaves: Yakan, Langkit, and Kalinga.  WYC jackets are all about marrying traditions with contemporary designs, to develop a product to Wear Your Culture every day. This combined trucker and bomber style jacket exudes Filipino pride.  

  • Color: MGray with multicolors from Yakan, Langkit and Kalinga Weave
  • Size: US SIZING, Regular Fit of XS S M L XL

WYC Jackets are all about marrying the old with new, the traditional with modern to come up with a piece to Wear Your Culture Everyday. This Combined Trucker and Bomber style is a canvass for the North and South to meet. People with ancestors from Luzon and Mindanao can wear this jacket to express his roots. Ultimately, anyone who is proud to scream he is Filipino can wear this piece everyday.

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