Two Chic

Banahaw Top


The concept of upcycled fashion may be relatively new but is definitely the sustainable way of the future. Considering the amount of waste created by all forms of industry, Two Chic’s answer to this was to create a concept of reusing scraps of old fabric and extra materials they had on hand. This short sleeve Banahaw top with back combo fabric in cotton linen has details of upcycled raw bias strips sewn into a loop design.  Made by the brand’s community of sewers, all of whom are breadwinners.

  • Materials: Cotton linen
  • Dimensions: Medium - 37" Chest, 30" Waist, 37.5" Hips 
Made by Two Chic's in-house sewers, an all- women, all breadwinners community. The concept was to up cycle and to utilise scraps of old fabrics and extra materials on hand.

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