The Seven Pantry

Banig B10 (CMV Tokolat x Café Sito)


Those with a penchant for chocolate and coffee will be delighted to receive this Banig food gift set from The Seven Pantry.  This delectable assortment features Café Cito’s Black Coffee Blend, paired with three CMV Chocolate Bars (Mango & Cashew in Roasted Milk Chocolate, Salt and Pepper in Cielo Chocolate, and Davao Pomelo in Dark Chocolate).  An exceptional holiday treat for those who love the dark and robust flavors of cacao and coffee.

  • Delivery of food items is separate from that of other ArteFino purchases.
  • Delivery fee is separate and will be paid upon receipt of item/s.  
  • Ships from San Juan every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • We can accommodate bulk orders, please message

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