Angbao - Indio- Set of 6


These vibrant and artistic images are copies of 19th Century paintings of J. H. Lozano, illustrating the different kinds of Filipinos in the past, who were then called Indio-- a derogatory term for the uneducated Filipino back in colonial times.  Taking pride in our rich history and culture, by reclaiming the term Indio as something to be proud of, we abolish the old meaning.  These items are a modern Filipino interpretation of "Red Packets", also known as the Angbao, wherein cash is placed inside and given out during the holidays.  A homage to the Pinoy art of gift giving, these will be great to use for a more unique, striking, and Filipino-inspired gift this Christmas.

  • Material: Varnished Paper
  • Size: 7.25" x 3.5"
  • Box : 8.1875 x 4.1875
  • Set of 6

19th Century paintings of J. H. Lozano, the understated artist  known to have been trained with oriental painting techniques. Illustrated are the sceneries of Malacanang, Binondo Church, Mayon Volcano, and other signatures of the country rich cultural heritage.   

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