Jim Weaver

Bahay Kubo Silk Scarf


Inspired by the local folk song “Bahay Kubo”, this silk scarf portrays the idyllic life in the countryside.  The Bahay Kubo is a traditional, native Filipino house made of bamboo and nipa leaves, and is usually surrounded by various local herbs and vegetables, as illustrated on the scarf.  It is also a symbol of unity and family. Designed by the artists Isabelle Ocier and Mischel Ocier Mendoza, this scarf is made of 100% silk, with a hand-rolled hem.  Elevate any outfit with this striking scarf that will leave a good impression.

  • Materials: 100% Pure Silk Scarf
  • Dimensions: 90 cm x 90 cm
  • Color: Blue
  • Hand-rolled hem
  • Dry-clean only

Designed by Filipino artists Isabelle Ocier and Mischel Ocier Mendoza.

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