Handwoven Lamp in Apple Green, Red, & Turquoise


An ArteFino exclusive.

An artisan crafted shade paired with a classic, blue and white ceramic ginger jar that results in a contemporary lamp. This unique collection of artistic table lamps will light up your space with an inviting splash of light and creativity. Handwoven in Ilocos, the  lampshades vary in shape, in striking colors such as red, apple green and turquoise. 

  • Apple Green: Height: 16", width 7.5" , height of shade: 7.5", Base: 5"                                   diameter, Cord: 56" length
  • Red: Height 16", Width 11", Height of Shade: 8", Base: 5" diameter,                                               Cord: 56" length
  • Turquoise: Height: 16", Width: 11" , Height of Shade: 8", Base: 5"                                              diameter, Cord: 56" length


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