Commonsense Studio

Loli Planter - Set of 3, Reversible


For a unique and attractive way to dress your plant pots in, the Loli Planter is made using discarded fabric scraps from clothing factories in Manila. The name Loli is close to “Lola”, the Filipino word for “grandmother”, whose love for gardening and practice of reusing everything they can get their hands on was the inspiration for these planters. No two designs are alike. Available as a set with 3 planters in various sizes.

  • Materials: Discarded fabric scraps
  • Dimensions: Small - 6" diameter and 7" height; Medium - 10" diameter and 11" height; Large - 12" diameter and 13" height
  • Reversible design
  • Sold per set, 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large
Made by a community of women who all work close to their homes, Myrab began in 2018 as a means to send their children to school. With their hard work and dedication, their business continues to grow and provide education to other children in the neighborhood.

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