Of Love and Other Lemons Book


A collection that plays with the form of the personal essay, turning it on its head, insisting on the we versus the I, the distant versus the familiar, even as it can only be about the persona/l. As such, it is honest but impersonal, particularly of one but speaking of (if not for) the other, creative non-fiction premised on what remains fictional for women on this side of the third world.

Essays about being raised a girl in Manila, feminist in the academe, woman struggling with/in the silences and noise of nation every day. Originally published with a small run in 2012, the 2020 version is a leaner, edited, and revised version that takes into consideration the shifts and changes to the state of woman eight years hence. This undoubtedly means it now captures the fact that while so many things change, some stay exactly the same. It also now ends with the demand of feminism in a time like the present. Published by independent press Everything’s Fine.

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