Pepsi Earrings


Get quirky with this fun and unique addition to any outfit, these handmade items by the younger generation are these assortments of playful, youthful, and free-spirited pieces.  Utilizing fun and chic designs by playing up with creativity, their newest collection showcases finely cut leucite pieces in bold and eye-catching colors.

  • Materials: Lasercut acrylic earrings with stainless steel hardware
  • Dimensions: 3"
Joanique MIX is the creative playground. The junior brand of Joanique, this line features and assortment of quirky, young and free-spirited pieces.Playing up with creativity, the brand is a showcase of finely cut lucite pieces in bold and eye-catching colors. Fashioning the pieces' fun and chic designs are abstract exaggerated forms such as waves, flowers, robots, blocks, and anything found under the sun.

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