GW by GREAT Women

Pillows in Off White


This elegant pillow in off-white is made using a handwoven textile from Panay, Iloilo which incorporates a herringbone weave detail, and a handwoven diamond strip by Marawi artisans.  Crafted by the artisans of GW by Great Women, an organization that looks critically at traditional weaving practices and helps to improve or enhance their traditional designs and methods.  Perched on any of your chairs, bed, or sofa, this brings interest to any room.  

  • Materials: Handmade textile
  • Dimenaions: H: 22” W: 21”

GREAT Women develops its communities for a market-driven approach to promote sustainability and viability of their livelihood. GREAT Women looks critically at traditional weaving practices to improve or enhance design and methods. GREAT Women reflects to challenge existing practices and to innovate materials, motifs, and supply chain.

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