Zarah Juan

Pintado Pot - Set of 3


Handmade reveals our deepest humanity. Now more than ever, we need to go back to our roots and include the work of our local artisans into our daily lives.  The Pintado Planter Pot is a masterpiece of our Paete Artisans and gift to all of us. We hope that you enjoy the work of our hands and may you find joy and pride on each unique pieces.

Each wooden planter is intricately hand painted in Paete, Laguna. The same group of artisans who create our whole wood line. From the Retro collection to the Candelabras they are the source of our expertly made products. 

  • Color: Mango - Yellow & Red                                                                                              Mangosteen - Maroon & Pink                                                                                  Pineapple - Beige & Green
  • See size chart: 

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