Plantita Bucket


An environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic bag and inspired by the traditional use of bayongs in the past, these are the Plantita Buckets. Transforming indigenous materials into contemporary pieces, these are handmade by weaving dried leaves. The base is made of tikog grass, and hand woven buri leaves for the embroidery. These bags are sturdy yet flexible and can be stored away easily for convenience.

  • Materials: Tikog grass
  • Measurement (Natural): Medium - Height 8.5" and Circumference 36.5" 
  • Measurement (Multicolor) Small - Height 5.5" and Circumference 19", Medium - Height 11" Circumference (Top) 34.5" and Circumference (Bottom) 31"
  • Ships from Samar.
Lara is a visionary brand transforming indigenous materials into contemporary. Our weavers are members of Banig Association for Native Industry Growth.

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