Poncho with Itneg Embroidery


The Itneg's distinct pattern evokes the community’s rich landscape and culture: flowing stream, bountiful rice harvest, “hawak kamay” coming together as one, joyful blooms, and many symbols of celebration and prosperity. The weaving technique is called tiniri, crafted by the masters. Multiple thread colors are intricately woven to form as one.
  • Material: Hand-loomed Abel and the sacred Itneg embroidery
  • Color: Royal Blue and Purple
  • Freesize. It's a big shawl with sewn armhole that beautifully adjusts to the contour of any body size.

Handrafted by a community of Itneg artisans from Abra, Cordillera. These are heirloom patterns that evoke their rich landscape and culture.

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