TenTwenty Kids



Give your little ones these adorable soft mini toys that represent the Araw (sun), Buwan (moon), Tala (star) and Ulap (cloud).  TenTwenty Toys are sustainable items handcrafted with the help of a partner artisan community- "Nanays" and "Ates" in Rizal, using textile cut-offs and stuffed with organic kapok stuffing. 

  • Color: SUN- Yellow
              MOON- White & Black
              STAR- Orange
              CLOUD- Blue
  • Dimensions: SUN (8.5” x 8.5”)
                       MOON- (8” x 8”)
                       STAR- (7” x 7 “)
                       CLOUD- (8” x 5”)
Handcrafted from textile waste into educational toys with the help of our partner Artisan-Nanays and Ates in Rizal. 

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