TenTwenty Kids

Something Fishy Toy Set


Give your little ones the gift of education and joy with these adorable soft mini toys that represent our local fish – the Bangus, Galunggong and the Tilapia. Instill pride in all things (and animals) local from a young age. TenTwenty Toys are sustainable items handcrafted with the help of a partner artisan community- "Nanays" and "Ates" in Rizal, using textile cut-offs and stuffed with organic kapok stuffing.

  • Color: Bangus- White,                                                                                                      Galunggong- Gray                                                                                                     Tilapia- Dark Gray
  • Dimensions: Bangus (15”x4.5”)                                                                                                     Galunggong (12”x2.5”)                                                                                             Tilapia (9.5”x4”
Handcrafted from textile waste into educational toys with the help of our partner Artisan-Nanays and Ates in Rizal.

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