Pili Ani

Stress Away Essential Oil Blend 30ml & 6ml Refill


The Stress Away Set, created exclusively for Artefino includes: Stress Away Essential Oil Blend in 30ml, Stress Away Essential Oil Blend in 6ml, Mini Bottle Opener, and a Mini Funnel.
  • Boxed set consists of 30ml Stress Away Essential Oil Blend, 6ml Stress Away Essential Oil Blend, mini bottle opener and a mini funnel
  • Box Dimensions: 14cm length x 10.8cm width x 4cm height
Pili Ani is the first and only Filipino brand in the world to use Pili and Elemi oil in all of its products. Both oils are derived from the Pili Tree, and is the Philippines' latest beauty secret. It takes 1,500 handpicked Pili fruits to make 1 liter of Pili oil and that's what makes Pili Ani products precious. Pili oil comes from the pulp of the Pili fruit. It is rich in antioxidants and highly moisturizing. Elemi oil comes from the resin of the Pili tree. It has natural anti-aging, and anti-bacterial properties. These potent ingredients make Pili Ani products a beauty arsenal.

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