Tara Earrings


Equally elegant and yet still playful, these Tara Earrings are made of natural Carabao horn, resin stud and stainless-steel hardware. Its geometric pattern draws inspiration from the Pintados-- the resilient Painted Men of the Philippines, warriors covered in tattoos who believe that the patterns carry spiritual power and magical qualities.

  • Materials: Carabao horn, resin stud, and stainless steel hardware
  • Dimensions: 3.5" long
The Pintados Collection is inspired by the resilient Painted Men of the Phil. These tattoo covered warriors believed the patterns on their skin possessed spiritual powers and magical qualities. Obtaining these tattoos involved an agonizing process of cutting and prickling the battle-hardened skin of the warriors, parallel to how the designs of the Pintados bags are handcarved and nicked from wood.

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